Sunday, March 11, 2012



What about her is attractive? Or rather what about me is attractive?
Her eyes tell me that she wants me. Am I reading too much?
She has some fat but then they make her curves. I rather be with imperfection, which seems sexy.
Her ass may be a treasure trove or why else would she fold her hands behind her ass as she leaves me in her wake?
She is dark, really dark.
And I am fair.
I think we both would complement each other well.
But only I wonder if I must let this pass or dive into the whirpool they call love or the trap they call love?
I only wonder...



I guess there are lot of people in this world, who are disturbed. Behind the cloak of happiness, somewhere there is a flickering sadness.
It is there every time we laugh and every time we smile. Probably all our joys have a scintilla of darkness.