Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who is the Enemy?

Who is the enemy?
Ruler plies terror,
Thrives on insecurity,
Fear of freedom forever.

Religion full version,
No demo,
One community faces media damnation,
Ethics on the memo.

Hope is the only hope,
Beauty lives happily ever after without the beast,
Rome wasn't built in a day, it was no dope,
One step to another led Mayan pyramid to topless zest.


Anonymous said...

"One community faces damnation"


Dude, if you had even the least comprehension abilities, you would have instead seen and understood the obvious...that very community, on the contrary, faces ever unabashed protection and preservation...leave alone condemnation..and that is how, While America prefers to kill a very capturable Osama, India feeds Afzal shamelessly on taxpayer's money... the PM goes live on national tv, asserting that, that very community has the "first and foremost claim" on India's resources (how secular they are!... thanks to ppl like you)....and despite an inspector gettin martyred at BATla, university run by that very community is allowed to block roads and demonstrate playcards calling this "naainsaafi"...

Anyway, this might not have much impact on you..because ppl lust to be known as seculars..and extending unconditional and unethical and unreasonable armour to minority community is the nest workable way of getting that!

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