Monday, July 11, 2011

Giving gives

There is something satisfying, even electrifying about making others happy. Like me and Anmol did today -- 12th July. We were two santa clauses, who were desperate to buy present for the kid, who almost slipped our mind. And it was Christmas eve already.
Hoho. The moral of the story is that if you look for one you will find one. No, I don't mean moral, I say story. Hoho.
As always, We saddle up on my Activa. Cut to CCD. Camera gauges the shop, hopes for a miracle -- a cake. Camera is shown the fridge. There is nothing. Not even a doughnut.
The camera is buoyant, irrepressible. He ducks the half-closed shutter of creamy inn. No luck. He has almost given up. Still, there is some severed vestige somewhere alive. French Loaf.
He barges in. They are open and welcoming and they have it. Hoho.
We put the icing on the cake -- Happy birthday to Sundari, pack it, wrap it and Merci. Camera is happy, it realizes that he actually gatecrashed a staffer's birthday party. As the soft strawberry cake collapses under its frame, the realization sinks in.
The End.


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