Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bumping into friends

Lights branching out from unknown walls cast the shadows of doubt. Puddles stare back like black holes.

I wade through the chiaroscuro on my scooter. Behind me sits a doll, who talks, talks and talks. I wait for her till she is ready for her final stop. She gets milk and toothbrush from her house to ease her stay in friend’s abode.

I ignite scooter’s engine and it trundles along at 30 mph. There is stillness as I take in the sights of nature. And ripples burn the water as she talks, talks and talks. I take in the sound of her speech. Natural, after all. I try to feel her fun.
Now I am on my own. The back seat can breathe easy. For a moment I miss her company and in the next I create one. 


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