Friday, May 14, 2010

The Indian farmer is not in vogue.

Things are being made clear by the corporates. The Indian Telecom operators are guarding Chinese hardware manufacturers - the Huaweis and the ZTPs. Indian Government, which is obsessed with security, believes that these Chinese companies are spying on Indians. While, the Indian corporates would not let go off cheap imports. Interesting, I am on my hunches, but my hunch is that the corporate would push over or rather buy over the State.

Kishore Biyani bawls out that Indians should spend more and more, if India wants to become first world. Right Kishore, we should swarm your coffer, so that you become a gold mine. Your monstrosity will make the swooning farmer in Vidarbha very proud. Because that farmer calls himself Indian, and you are perhaps his role model. But funnily enough, his own backyard in Vidarbha, which is searing at 46*C is shunned by this India.

Hari Bhatia, the brand new president of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) feels the same. He insists that the manufacturing industry (his industry) should grow at 11-12% while agriculture needs to grow at 4%. In other stories, the Government has intrigued to fill its own coffers. Yes, nutrient bases subsididy (NBS) is the name of this great plan.

In brief this plan will reduce Government's subsidy burden. It means that the farmers will have to pay more for the chemical fertilizers, which would increase the food prices, I guess. I guess because the Indian Government hardly cares for the farmers, in most cases it forcefully acquires crops from the farmers at its own fixed rates. Anyways, farmers will suffer, there will be more deaths in Vidarbha, however, these will be suicides. 

But the media has to gloss over the failings of Government, so it reports how this scheme will benefit agriculture by forcing the farmers to look for natural fertilizers and thereby improving soil. Yeah, right. Anyways, i will end on a  patriotic note, Vande Matram.


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