Monday, May 17, 2010

A day in life

I am in Delhi. Yes the city that is part of the popular fiction, imagined as Dilli Dilwalon ki. I am in mood to propound anything.

So I will stick to simpler things. No sooner than my Maasi discerned me(Aunt - mom's sister), she said, "Sukh gaya hain." She meant to say that I have lost so much of weight that she will be presenting me a paperweight to keep me on the ground.

Anyways this a Punjabi family, so weight is a touchy issue for them. I understand.

I am making some progress in idleness. Last evening was expended in satisfying carnal measures. But only after using the whole day, putting languor to sleep. So, while the sun was scorching Delhi and benefiting the cause of shikhanji, I was snoring.

Are we human or are we dancer, this song by Killers has grown on me. Under the weight of a grey and gloomy day, a man dances on the edge of a cliff. Yes, he is drunk, his stupor staves off his hell.



Anando said...
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Anando said...

"Punjabi family?"

I thought you ppl were Sindhis.


You snore often. But you have sharp memory, regardless.

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