Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why do we have interviews? I mean isn't there a better way of measuring someone's worth?

I walk into this cold room. Even the hair inside my nostrils rankle. I am all alert. But just happy, because that's how I want to be.

She gives a once over to my CV and retorts, 'What do you know?'

'Er, as in the Maoist issue or  media?,' I fumble. 'No, what do you know?' she squints her prey.

That is not fair, there was no cue. All the bygones had said that its going to be cool. This is not cool.

Huh, this attack was not going to dampen anything. I stuck to the intellect and spluttered words on media and ideology. It was dal teeming with rice and green, red and white chutney to top it, such was the incoherence.

Anyways, I had a great time and hope the visitor was not disappointed.

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Anando said...
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Anando said...

Dude, do you genuinely believe they come to measure our worth? .....all they need is some technically comptent clerks who can fill the numbers in their office, and keep their mouth shut.....if you are dumb, you get the epithet of being wise, besides the job and perks...if you're not, you're nowhere! but, lets not speak about i already said, you have to be dumb to be successful...................

Anando said...

but what bout those who are not "malleable" enuf?
nd who, for all their compulsions, wud like to fit into the system?

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