Thursday, April 22, 2010

I chose sadness ...

Hmm... Depressing depressing, for some of my friends it is the end of hope, a dead end. I am not somebody, who is very optimitstic about life either, but that is just me.

But can I empathise with them. No. I cannot feel the way they are, they have a different background, I have different.

Do I intend to cheer them up? No.

It is angst, pain and lot of suffering that has urged me to value happiness. This happiness wouldn't be given up for any depressed soul.

I am just in my place, happy for myself, happy for life, happy to die, happy to live, happy to cry and happy for all my emotions.

At another time I would have thrown up over these rosy pictures.

Existentialists would do that and stop making sense of life. In instinctive intelligence they would give up everything and fall in the open arms of suffering. Yes, this a perspective and I don't claim to be the custodian of truth. Thank god for that, I can have many truths and not crumble under the burden of one.

A couple of drops in my eyes want to roll down, like water to the thirsty.


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