Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday - Honey Bee

Give me some reason,

To believe that we are in a prison,

Prison, I tell you.

We want to celebrate, today I was born,

It’s my birthday,

Bring the cake, yeah, the brown,

Chocolate dust, the desert with silent candles.

So I light it with my fire,

My fire, I am the fire,

To one more year of struggle,

To slaying the unwanted thoughts,

Death by a thousand knives to myself.

So I live, I breathe the atmosphere in my lungs,

I am the helium balloon, high above.

May this life return to me forever,

I willed it,

With my Christ and Ravana,

I nailed it.

To the cross!


Beena said...


Awesome prison it would be, if I may share it with prisoners like yu,

the sweet brown chocolate cake tasted even sweeter with green and red melon to substitute more than a few,

Fire that I am, will even help me burn all the struggles and rise high above,
It might seem helium but it's friends like yu to make me feel, live this life again with love...

Yes, I nailed it, this Burthday to all of yu !!

Thank thank thank yu :)


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