Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Hole

My heart is racing,
Am I skipping a beat?
It is fucking frenetic

My hands are unruly,
The chemicals in my head rule,
I flee, no fight

I can’t see the world,
Tunnel vision,
Chemicals rule

I am scared,
They will be cruel in their revenge,
I plead guilty, be mild in your punishment Milord,
The Lord rules

Can I rise, Can I struggle, Can I fight,
Milord if you allow me,
Can I fry you in your chemicals?

Haha, Now I see,
Now I burn your effigies,
Into nothing,

Your psychiatry,
Is clean,
The air is pest-free.


Puja said...

umm..did u just describe shitting? :p
very interesting ...

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