Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have a Singh in my hostel, who is a Punjabi Sikh and an Agarwal, who is a Jat, but speaks Punjabi fluently and his mannerisms are ostentatiously Punjabi. It is no surprise to me, when I see a Gujarati trying to come across as Punjabi with ki haal chaal hain. It looks like Punjabi pomp pomp is the garb of the ugly. Maybe that could explain as to why virtually all the Hindi flicks today have a Punjabi character in the lead.

Punjabis have always been a martial community. Great many Punjab de Putars have taken bullets of the State enemy like Aloo da Parathas. Those around the Punjabis have laid down their arms in despair. Sympathies to them, their generations have been flogged by the Holy cows on fields and now they imitate the dominant community. It is something like Sanskritization or Brahmanization. I remember my sociology classes.

So it was with Sindhis. All of Sindh is still today exploited by the Punjabis of Pakistan. Sindh is the most resourceful part, but also the most backward part of Pakistan. I hate the sher(s), especially those that gorge on Chicken Tikka. Fuck you.

I hope that Khalistan is realized and the imperialist trait of the Punjabis is revived. So we will have Kashmir (Greater Punjab), Peshawar(Union Territory), and ofcourse Sindh (serfdom) and the all of Punjab (mainland). Like Guru Gobind Singh said to save religion, you need a country. I ask him what is the difference between religion and nation. Only two strings to control me.

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