Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second only to my teacher

I know that everyone around is blind and pretty convenient about it. The canteen staff at my college would jerk off their balls to serve the intellectual fulsome Professors and Lecturers. My teachers, I RESPECT (sorry for the grammatical mistake) them., for they embarrass Gandhi with their altruistic deeds. Knowledge is power, Foucault said that. It naturally means that Teachers are absolute Angels bestowing the lay with their power of knowledge. I prostate on your feet.

On your feet I close my eyes, my blindness is complete. In the dark, I see images, glimpses of your power. But these peek-boos are repulsive. They make me angry. I bite away all the flesh from your feet. I am awake and I see bones in your feet.

It is known to you that the lay are your slaves, they think your education will redeem them of their baseness and misery. As much as the needy, you want to help. Need is created so that help is solicited.

The life of every student is a killer loop. He prepares for his exams, she passes the exams, he fails, she kills herself and he prepares for the next exam. Every loop kills the lay.


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