Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Shit, Its America

The western threat to Iran will bring all the feuding political factions of Iran together. Former President of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who rooted for Mir Mousavi’s Presidentship appealed to all Iranian politicians to unite for its nuclear programme.

By boldly announcing Iran’s nuclear plan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can gain some support and consolidate his presidency as a lone man standing up to the Western superpowers.

All international press strongly reeks of American bias. No British or American newspaper worth the dime has quoted Iran's perspective. The papers have not given any space to Iranians to explain why they feel it is their right to enrich 20% Uranium.

The West is portrays Iran as a threat. Israel finds Iran’s plan to have a nuclear energy program an “existential threat.”

Jacqueline Shire, a Senior Analyst with the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, claims that Iran doesn’t have enough fuel to even start the 10 nuclear plants that it has announced. David Albright another analyst from the same Institute finds Iran’s announcement an impossible suggestion.

But it is the US that has taken Iran’s capability very seriously and has posed it as a rising imperialist state. With Iran, even the thought of colonizing other nations sounds hilarious. But US takes everything seriously or are we taking Americans very seriously.

It is obvious that Israel is lobbying America to trip Iran's pursuit for a better infrastructure, because, indeed Iran just wants the nuclear energy to electrify itself. Throwing nuclear bombs on other nations would only be suicidal that no nation would consider as an option.

Israel’s enmity with Iran is over the Palestine issue, the latter sides with the Palestinians, who have been uprooted from their own land.

US, for a country that has 5,500 nuclear warheads, is no doubt the saviour of the world from any nation that plans to use nuclear energy. Uncle Sam has not given up even one his concubines, a stockpile of mistresses to make slaves. Hope that is enough.

How can START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) be implemented without threatening our life system. And why nobody is questioning this, the press only brings forth the image of an America that is selflessly giving up its Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Who the hell is America to make laws for everyone and destroy those that are “unlawful” by its International Resolutions. Yes, it is a Super Power that is out there to dominate every other will. Iran wants to be nuclear to protect its people. But in the world that is controlled and decided by the Big Brother, none of us can act without the holy approval of Father.

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