Saturday, February 27, 2010

No name for a freebird


Is life a spectacle and are we all spectators? I don’t know, but certainly I would like you to appreciate this obituary post.

I adopted a pup, she became one of my concerns. I fed her biscuits and bathed it. Then the peevish in me expressed irritation at her. When this peewee pup clenched my jeans with her fledgling teeth, I imagined myself doing laundry and even the suggestion was revolting.

I could have caressed her more, I could have taken her to college with me, she could have been loved by all, she could have symbolized my hatred for education system.

In one motion, she would rub her left ear with the side of her forelimb and thrust her paw on my feet and then nibble at it. We’d perch her on Navjot’s bike and she’d be all horrified. It was my fantasy to make her a musical pup, so once I held earphones close to her ears and she’d just flinch.

As she was resting yesterday, I pressed her paw, in the hope that she’d wag her tail, throw a paw-shake. But she wanted to go, so she went. I love you.

I feel guilty.

Just remember that there was a life that was bustling with itself and now it has terminated itself, life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Shit, Its America


The western threat to Iran will bring all the feuding political factions of Iran together. Former President of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who rooted for Mir Mousavi’s Presidentship appealed to all Iranian politicians to unite for its nuclear programme.

By boldly announcing Iran’s nuclear plan, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can gain some support and consolidate his presidency as a lone man standing up to the Western superpowers.

All international press strongly reeks of American bias. No British or American newspaper worth the dime has quoted Iran's perspective. The papers have not given any space to Iranians to explain why they feel it is their right to enrich 20% Uranium.

The West is portrays Iran as a threat. Israel finds Iran’s plan to have a nuclear energy program an “existential threat.”

Jacqueline Shire, a Senior Analyst with the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, claims that Iran doesn’t have enough fuel to even start the 10 nuclear plants that it has announced. David Albright another analyst from the same Institute finds Iran’s announcement an impossible suggestion.

But it is the US that has taken Iran’s capability very seriously and has posed it as a rising imperialist state. With Iran, even the thought of colonizing other nations sounds hilarious. But US takes everything seriously or are we taking Americans very seriously.

It is obvious that Israel is lobbying America to trip Iran's pursuit for a better infrastructure, because, indeed Iran just wants the nuclear energy to electrify itself. Throwing nuclear bombs on other nations would only be suicidal that no nation would consider as an option.

Israel’s enmity with Iran is over the Palestine issue, the latter sides with the Palestinians, who have been uprooted from their own land.

US, for a country that has 5,500 nuclear warheads, is no doubt the saviour of the world from any nation that plans to use nuclear energy. Uncle Sam has not given up even one his concubines, a stockpile of mistresses to make slaves. Hope that is enough.

How can START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) be implemented without threatening our life system. And why nobody is questioning this, the press only brings forth the image of an America that is selflessly giving up its Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Who the hell is America to make laws for everyone and destroy those that are “unlawful” by its International Resolutions. Yes, it is a Super Power that is out there to dominate every other will. Iran wants to be nuclear to protect its people. But in the world that is controlled and decided by the Big Brother, none of us can act without the holy approval of Father.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The forces


Tomorrow there will be many forces... It is the classroom - where the generals plot to kill their rivals... Each one has whittled his wile... All forces are so used to obseqiousness that anything unusual will be an anomaly that will be punished... All stray sheeps are whipped in their own interests... No shepherd wants its innocent sheep to be lost....

Its just me


My sister messaged me today... She asked me the first thing i will do to her after ten years... Slap/ Hug or Kiss.... So I looked into the future....I'd ask myself what would I want to be years after....I want to be a hoary log repelled by its own slush....surrounded by fledgling lives, it has jerked off....I want to generous eyes to caress me... But me being me will not pity me... Its just me.... repelled by its own suqalid body... Its just me...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not my routine...


She is better now, because she is cynical now. She sees the world, I hopes she condemns the society like an orphan condemned by parents.... I hope even the last traces of care are gutted.... I hope she stops giving any fuck about this society, which is a herd blindly following values.... I hope she wallows in her loneliness... I hope she despises with all her guts....Cheers...WONDER WOMAN.... pity Humans......

Monday, February 15, 2010



I want to tell the women, who pity the pornstars that they should pity themselves, for pornstars don't consider themselves slaves or exploited, have you heard of femdom. You have not heard them speak, I have. Even if you hear them, you would call their consciousness false, because for you the Feminist silo is more intellectual. In your stance you hallow your consciousness and decries hers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



I have a Singh in my hostel, who is a Punjabi Sikh and an Agarwal, who is a Jat, but speaks Punjabi fluently and his mannerisms are ostentatiously Punjabi. It is no surprise to me, when I see a Gujarati trying to come across as Punjabi with ki haal chaal hain. It looks like Punjabi pomp pomp is the garb of the ugly. Maybe that could explain as to why virtually all the Hindi flicks today have a Punjabi character in the lead.

Punjabis have always been a martial community. Great many Punjab de Putars have taken bullets of the State enemy like Aloo da Parathas. Those around the Punjabis have laid down their arms in despair. Sympathies to them, their generations have been flogged by the Holy cows on fields and now they imitate the dominant community. It is something like Sanskritization or Brahmanization. I remember my sociology classes.

So it was with Sindhis. All of Sindh is still today exploited by the Punjabis of Pakistan. Sindh is the most resourceful part, but also the most backward part of Pakistan. I hate the sher(s), especially those that gorge on Chicken Tikka. Fuck you.

I hope that Khalistan is realized and the imperialist trait of the Punjabis is revived. So we will have Kashmir (Greater Punjab), Peshawar(Union Territory), and ofcourse Sindh (serfdom) and the all of Punjab (mainland). Like Guru Gobind Singh said to save religion, you need a country. I ask him what is the difference between religion and nation. Only two strings to control me.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second only to my teacher


I know that everyone around is blind and pretty convenient about it. The canteen staff at my college would jerk off their balls to serve the intellectual fulsome Professors and Lecturers. My teachers, I RESPECT (sorry for the grammatical mistake) them., for they embarrass Gandhi with their altruistic deeds. Knowledge is power, Foucault said that. It naturally means that Teachers are absolute Angels bestowing the lay with their power of knowledge. I prostate on your feet.

On your feet I close my eyes, my blindness is complete. In the dark, I see images, glimpses of your power. But these peek-boos are repulsive. They make me angry. I bite away all the flesh from your feet. I am awake and I see bones in your feet.

It is known to you that the lay are your slaves, they think your education will redeem them of their baseness and misery. As much as the needy, you want to help. Need is created so that help is solicited.

The life of every student is a killer loop. He prepares for his exams, she passes the exams, he fails, she kills herself and he prepares for the next exam. Every loop kills the lay.