Sunday, December 20, 2009

Slave at the helm

Today I learnt how talking can be so humbling, almost enslaving. You are sitting in front of this girl. You are laughing for no reason but to impress her. All that smile, the ingratiating smile of the slave.

In your mind you are imagining how you can be a laughing stock, her sitcom. In her laughter, your body, the body of a jester is glorified. Your condemnation becomes your honour.

However, this instinct is the herd-instinct, the social law. The individual must conform with the herd. Nietzsche, you were mistaken, or were you? God is not dead. It has only changed its face. It has more heads than Ravana.

The constitution, the bible, Quran, Gita, Kindness, Herd (society) are few of its avataars.


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